Global Tooling Visibility

A real-time tooling audit that graphically displays what tooling assets you have and where they are.

Current Tooling Condition & Sustainability

Problematic tooling is highlighted in a user-friendly interface, with the sustainability index providing real-time feedback for life-of-tool remaining.

Tooling Predictive Analytics

Seeing problems on the horizon allows corporate management to proactively engage, and mitigate risk.

Tooling Intelligence

Our unique tooling intelligence vault is a repository for life-of-tool data, making complex tooling transfers a snap.

Tooling Pulse is a low cost solution. For a nominal per tool cost, (from just $9.99/tool), you have an instant global tooling audit, current tool condition for every tool, predictive analytics, and life-of-tool intelligence. That puts control back in your hands!

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With hindsight, had the technology been available at that time to track our tooling assets and assess their condition, we would have been able to make strong proactive decisions instead of being forced into a reactionary plan B.

Jeff B

Tooling serves as the foundation for reliability and good product, and often gets overlooked as a root cause of numerous issues as it resonates through molding and down-stream operations, often as far as the customer.  Too often the lines are blurred between tooling, molding and equipment, making it difficult to isolate the culprit, in large part because tooling is not visible to the stake-holders.

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